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Zion Park in Utah

the climb counseling


Before you dive into reading about me, lets first take a deep breath and while you exhale, unclench your jaw, drop those shoulders and release that excess tension. Now, let me tell you about The Climb Counseling Services and myself. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker based in California. Our clinical space will be filled with self compassion so that we can integrate your mind, body, and soul in healing relationships with your own body and others. I serve my clients with a pro-body and anti-diet lens which means I will actively support you in dismantling fatphobia. Along with providing fat positive wellness, I offer a nurturing space to process career changes, burnout, and becoming a cycle breaker within the BIPOC community.

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the climb counseling


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1:1 Telehealth Therapy

I am currently offering 1:1 counseling services utilizing Solution Focused Therapy. This method of psychotherapy is goal-directed to find solutions to one’s problems by prioritizing the now and future while discovering current resources and strengths to make small changes each and everyday.

Other modalities utilized in therapy include CBT, motivational interviewing, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, person centered therapy, and strength-based therapy.

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Currently accepting clients who reside in CA & CO.

I am credentialed with several insurances in CA & CO.

Private pay rates range from $80-$140

Sliding scale available; however, limited.

If you have questions outside of the form above, please email me at:

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